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There are certain names which are unquestionably associated with specific animals, usually because of famous examples in popular culture or folklore. However, this doesn’t mean you have to rule these out when choosing kitten names. Perhaps your cat exhibits some of the traits associated with these other animals, or maybe it just somehow suits its personality. There’s certainly no shame in using any of these nontraditional unique and cute kitten names.

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This is perhaps the definitive name for a dog; there’s even a children’s book series to go along with it, but that doesn’t mean you must abandon your plans to name your cat Spot, after all, cats are just as likely to have spots on their coats as dogs are. Bengal cats (see Bengal cat names) are just as spotty as dalmatians, and you could say the same for any breed with splotchy patterning. Furthermore, there’s a certain delicious irony to calling your cat a traditionally doggy name, which any hipster is sure to be unable to resist. Spot is also one of our favorite black and white cat names.

It doesn’t matter that the only famous Kermit in the world is a frog, after all, just like frogs, cats love to jump – and they’re very good at it too. It would, however, be somewhat ironic if little Kermit grew up to be the type of cat who takes great pleasure in proudly presenting you with frogs they’ve captured. Kermit would certainly qualify to be in a list of unique kitten names!

When you think of the name “Bubbles” within the context of a pet, most people would assume you are talking about a pet fish! The only pets that create bubbles are fish and other underwater creatures so it makes logical sense. But Bubbles is a fun name for any pet including your cat and so it shouldn’t stop you from stealing this name and giving it to your cat. After all, cats can have a bubbly personality and doesn’t Bubbles deserve to be on a list of cute kitty names?

Any pirate worth their salt was nothing without a faithful parrot called Polly, so this would be a great name for any cat with a cheeky or naughty personality. Just as the parrots were to their pirate masters, Polly the cat could be your inseparable partner in crime.

Perhaps the most famous – and irresistible – pet name pun is calling a pet tortoise Shelly, but why should our reptilian friends have all the punning fun? Tortoiseshell is a common coloring in female cats, after all, and there’s nothing better than a pun which takes a while to work out. Shelly is also one of our favorite tortoiseshell cat names.

“Bella the Boa,” is a name usually given to boa constrictors.  The name Bella is currently associated with model Bella Hadid, and just like a snake, she is slinky, mysterious and alluring. Therefore Bella could be a great name if you were looking for an unusual and slightly supernatural type of name, something which is further underlined by the name’s link to the popular Twilight series. Bella is one of our favorite cute female kitten names.

With the tagline “A little pig goes a long way”, the 
series of films, based on the novel The Sheep-Pig by Dick King-Smith, tells the tale of a misfit orphaned piglet with a big heart. This would be the perfect name for a cute and scrappy kitten, perhaps the runt of the litter, who you’re sure is destined to go a long way in life. If you’re looking for cute kitten names, Babe certainly deserves consideration.

The star of a series of comedy films, Beethoven the St. Bernard is a family favorite, and famously barked along to the Fifth Symphony of his namesake. It seems that some cats respond equally well to music, so Beethoven would be a perfect name for a feline music fan, and would be equally well suited to any larger and more confident male cat. Beethoven tops the list for cute male kitten names taken from other pets.

This name is best associated with the troublesome but lovable Labrador retriever from the film Marley and Me, a male dog named after reggae star Bob Marley. Despite this, we think the name could be applied to either male or female cats, as it has the connotations of coolness and chill from Bob Marley, as well as an undeniable feminine sleekness.

You can’t help but think of the adorable movie “Finding Nemo” and the lead character when someone says “Nemo.” Although, the name Nemo is much older that the recent blockbuster film, so you shouldn’t feel too bad if you have stolen this name!

As this list has shown, a name which is heavily linked to a certain animal should by no means limit you in your choice of choosing names for kittens. Instead, you can use the associations of these names to your advantage, letting you find a great name to suit your cat’s personality. 

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