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Orange Cat Names

Names for Orange Cats

If you’ve just adopted an orange cat, congratulations! This list of Orange Cat Names is designed to help you find the perfect names for your little ginger-colored feline. Choosing the perfect names can be difficult, so we’ve created this list of good names for orange cats to help you find the right one. According to researchers at UC Berkeley, all orange cats are considered tabbies and about 80 percent of all orange tabbies are male. This list has unisex, as well as, orange male cat names and orange female cat names. You might also be interested in seeing a list of … Continue reading

Siamese Cat Names

Siamese cat names you’ve come to the right place. Below you will find a huge list of names for Siamese cats. Siamese cats are one of the most beautiful cat breeds. The breed originally came from Thailand (previously known as Siam) and has become popular all over the world since the 20th century. While Siamese cats can have a variety of colors and patterns, typically they are covered in white and have areas of dark fur around their ears, face, tail and legs. Often, Siamese cats have bright blue almond-shaped eyes. Siamese cats are a rather social breed and tend towards … Continue reading

Tabby Cat Names

Are you looking for tabby cat names? Here you will find a huge list of unisex, female and male tabby cat names. Did you know that a tabby is actually a color pattern and not a breed? A tabby is also called a gray tiger because the pattern resembles that of a tiger: stripes. In fact, a tabby coat is more than just stripes; it is a distinctive pattern of stripes, dots, swirls and lines and usually includes what looks like an “M” on the forehead. There can be a variety of colors and patterns and the pictures on this … Continue reading

Tortoiseshell Cat Names

Looking for tortoiseshell cat names? This is the biggest list around. Tortoiseshell describes a coat pattern and coloring found almost exclusively in female cats. Because of this, the names here are grouped into unisex or female tortoiseshell cat names. Tortoiseshell coat coloring is one of the most beautiful and unique of all cat fur patterns. Also called “Torties” for short, these cats combine two colors other than white, either closely mixed or in large patches. The fur is usually a combination or reddish/orangish/yellowish and a dark color such as black or brown. The unique personality of tortoiseshell cats has even gained its … Continue reading

Ragdoll Cat Names

Did you just bring home a ragdoll kitten? Congratulations! Ragdoll cats are a terrific choice and tend to make excellent pets. Besides having beautiful blue eyes and a soft coat, ragdolls typically have a gentle temperment and can be quite affectionate. Here you will find a list of ragdoll cat names as well as some tips for choosing the perfect name for a ragdoll. The breed was given the name ragdoll because individuals who descend from the original breeding stock usually relax or go limp when picked up. Ragdoll cats are often called “dog-like cats” because of their comfort in … Continue reading

Japanese Cat Names

Japanese Cat Names Male

Japanese cat names are becoming popular choices all over the world. In the western world, a Japanese name is often considered an elegant and unique choice for a cat name. For many of us, Japan holds a mystical sense of allure and interest. And the Japanese love and admire their cats so much that February 22nd is the official Day of Cats (Neko No Hi) in Japan! The two most recognized Japanese cat breeds are the Japanese Bobtail and the Kurilian Bobtail (see photos below). If you are looking for exotic or unique cat names, then Japanese cat names are a good … Continue reading

Egyptian Cat Names

We hope you find the perfect name for your cat from this list of Egyptian cat names. It is quite common for people to choose cat names from other languages. Often, this is because we would like to give our lovable little kittens exotic or unique cat names. If you are looking for modern or ancient Egyptian cat names, you’ve come to the right place! Egyptian names make for some of the best cat names. Cats in ancient Egypt were considered sacred. Known in Egyptian as “Mau”, were revered for their poise and grace, as well as their ability to control vermin. … Continue reading

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